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At CJ@Dance we intend to uphold a studio with good, strong values, excellent customer service and a great amount of fun and hard work.

We are a dance family, not just a dance studio.

We have wheelchair accessibility and we welcome ANYONE into our studio who has a love for dance.

Feel free to pop in at any time at our studio in Centurion and find out why dancing has become so popular.

Whether it’s for fun, for social reasons, to become one of the best or just out of plain curiosity.

Whether you’re doing team building, getting married or want to host a party, just give us a call.

You can even hire our studio for that special event you want to host.

A whole new world of joy and excitement awaits you.

Services & Products

Proud members of the SADTA, we offer an international social and competitive syllabus to our clients.

We also specialise in:

We choreograph your special wedding routine, do team building, dance at your corporate events or you can hire our studio for that special occasion.


Hansie Koekemoer

Hansie Koekemoer

Ever since I was a little boy I watched people dancing on television. It wasn’t a thing that people did in our town. I remember watching Strictly Come Dancing and thinking to myself: How wonderful is this thing called dancing. It’s literally dreaming with your feet. The only thing I knew how to do was holding my girlfriend by her waistline and rocking to the music of Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses. (It’s only years later I learned that this was also a Viennese Waltz.)
The year I turned 18 I saw an advert in a newspaper of a dance school in Centurion that was looking for dance instructors and no experience was needed. I thought to myself that this was it. This was my opportunity. Needless to say I had no social skills whatsoever, no rhythm, and absolutely no understanding of how one can move your body. I remember getting so demotivated that I wanted to quit but Tracey, my dance partner, convinced me to stay. She motivated me to work harder and become a better dancer. That moment when you can finally do a Waltz basic without tripping yourself, is an experience that nobody understands unless they are dancers or taking dance lessons.

In my 9 years at a social dance studio I learned a lot about people and how badly dance is needed in this world. The half an hour of your lesson is not just something you’re paying for as a hobby. It’s a skill, it’s exercise, it’s laughter, it’s time for yourself because nowadays, there isn’t much of that. It’s a stress reliever, a way of getting to know your body like you have never before and a platform where the impossible meets the possible. Because anybody can dance. Whether you’re a top athlete or suffer from a form of disability, DANCING IS POSSIBLE.
Whilst at the social dance studio I took pride in my job, my student’s progress and technique. (I can be fun though, just saying.) I also took pride in the following:
  • - Top Male Producer
  • - Top Choreographer
  • - Syllabus Trainer
  • - Choreographed winning shows at The Unisa Little Theatre
  • - Trained my dancers to win numerous awards ie. Top Students, Most Improved Students
  • - Trained in various theatre styles
  • - Beginner and Advanced Group Class Teacher
  • - Line Dance Teacher
  • - Promotional teacher for Corporate Events
  • - Lead Dancer in various shows.

I decided to go into the International world of dance because I wanted to grow as a person, a dancer, a teacher and a mentor for upcoming dancers. I train under world class instructors/dancers who are always looking to better themselves and the people they train.

Tracey Breedt

Tracey Breedt

Hi! My name is Tracey and I’m a dance instructor at CJ@Dance Studio.
Here is a little background about me:

When I was a toddler, I drove my mother crazy because I was always dancing around the house. She finally enrolled me in Ballet with RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). That was it! I was convinced that I wanted to become a ballerina – until I discovered Modern Dancing a few years later. That was it! I was going to become a professional Modern Dancer – until I discovered Latin, Ballroom, Hip Hop...you get the picture.

I dabbled in a variety of dance styles in the years that followed, but the pressures of having a “real job” led to the shelving of my dance career.
I excelled at my corporate job, but I was never happy. In 2008 I quit my job and applied for a position as a Latin and Ballroom instructor at a social studio in Centurion.
I remember laughing when I completed my first day of training because I walked out of there knowing that this was DEFINITELY it! It still is.

I worked my way up the studio ladder until my job description and titles included:
  • - Advanced lady instructor
  • - Advanced group class instructor
  • - New and advanced instructor trainer
  • - Choreographer
  • - Show director
  • - Competition and Exam Judge
  • - Sales manager
  • - Staff manager
What a ride! I loved it. I choreographed and directed winning shows at the African Calabash (old UNISA) Little Theatre.
I trained amazing students who competed very successfully in our social competitions. I helped wedding couples to achieve their (sometimes interesting) vision for their opening dance.
The look of amazement and pride in a student’s eyes when they finally manage to execute something is the best reward – every time!

It is at that studio that I met my dance partner (and now business partner), Hansie Koekemoer.
Competitive dancing (for me) was always in the back of my mind because I am by nature a very competitive person, but until Hansie and I partnered I hadn’t believed it to be a possibility for me anymore. I wish I could say we “just clicked”. We didn’t – it took years of blood, sweat and tears for us to build what we have now – a rock solid, unshakeable partnership, friendship and trust.

We built our dancing up to the point where we were consistent champions in every competition we danced, but we always wanted more. We were (and still are) suckers for gathering as much dance knowledge as possible! We also had a very different opinion of our students compared to most other instructors that we knew at that stage.
Students aren’t students; they’re family to us.

Hansie and I decided to part ways with the studio we were working at to start our own studio, CJ@Dance, in 2017. This meant starting from scratch. New syllabus. New technique. New everything.

We now study and teach the SADTA Latin and Ballroom syllabus. Our competitive students compete (and place) in international competitions, but we still love our sokkie students and our wedding couples!

Hansie and I also still compete. After all, we can’t expect our students to do something that we aren’t willing to do ourselves!
We welcome anyone to experience the freedom and frustrations of dance with us. It really is a “you have to try it at least once” kind of deal. Always remember two things:
  • 1. If you could already dance, we wouldn’t have a career.
  • 2. It’s never too late to start doing something you love, just as long as you’re willing to be a beginner.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I hope I have the privilege of getting to know you too!

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